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   A good film always starts with a good idea. You can't write a good script without a good idea. But ... Not always having a good idea, you can write a good script.

   To validate your concept and prove you wrote a good script, submit it to festivals. In fact, it will give you NOTHING. It will not connect you with any investors, or anyone will contact you to create your movie. Don't expect this. This is BS.

   Well, one thing you will find out for sure - is your script worth any attention or is your idea is so good. If they choose your script as their Selection - good thing. Getting into the Semi-Finalist is even better. Well, if you make it to the Finalist or Nominee, then for sure there is something good in your script. But if you get into the Award Winner, you can surely be proud of yourself.

   Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our script "Meeting The Girl" from
8 submitted festivals received
3 Award Winner, 1 Nominee and 2 Quarter-Finalist, 2 Semi-Finalist, 2 Finalist and 3 Official Selection.

Meet The Girl Poster.jpg

Meet The Girl

Awards Movie.png
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