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Meet the girl

Director & Screenwriter :  Dennis Ricks

Director of photography:  Vazgen Varzhabetian

Casting & produced by   :  Marina Shtoda

Genre & movie type        :  Comedy Drama, Short

Logline: Charming nerd Ethan Williams and his friend are trying to get the girls. Having failed in real life, Ethan tries online dating, which leads him to a series of unpleasant events.

Synopsis: Ethan Williams, a clumsy yet confident charming man, struggles to find a soulmate in real life, along with his friend Paul. Their long nights out in search of love lead them nowhere, except to a slew of women with vibrant and terrifying personalities. Thankfully, the internet exists and Paul suggests they sign up for a Russian online dating website. Ethan immediately falls for the smart and beautiful Tatyana but uniting with her won’t prove easy. He will have to embark on a journey to Moscow to deal with the dubious disappearance of his beloved, where a series of unpleasant surprises awaits him.

Meet The Girl Poster.jpg

Congratulations to all "Meet The Girl" fans. We have crossed 50,000 views for our movie, where %95.2% is from recommended videos on YouTube and only %3.2 from Facebook and other sources. A total of 2,900 hours spent watching the video. And the channel got 97+ new subscribes. These are very impressive results!

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