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Logline: The funny story of four fashion models, which opens up the behind-the-scenes world of modeling business and the world where the men's “power of this world” is ruled by beauty and feminine charm. Their lives have changed with the appearance of the new model Sue, who, as it turned out, keeps many secrets and things that go out of control.

“Beautiful Power” - a modern comedy about four fashion models, at different career level and confront this world, which still belongs to men. Men think so. However, in reality, none of them can resist the true power of beauty. And these girls specialize in this.

But what does it look like in this age? Feminism is taking over the world more and more, but most men still don’t fall in love with coarse, ignorant girls that act and behave like ignorant men. We will see those in our series and compare them with our girls. This is a mistake of the younger generation. They think that they can treat girls like their brothers: kick them in the butt, belch with them and slap them. The truth is that men still want to see femininity in women, weakness, fragility, foolishness and a mess in the head. But enough philosophy.

They are smart, attractive, strong and funny, even when they do stupid things or they just can't keep their mouths shut, but they often do and do it in our series. They know and learn through the series how to show sarcasm and make fun of men in all their actions. During the series, they attract many men, but not everyone can even get close to them. Men have to be very smart, dedicated and resourceful, in order to get close to such “witches”.

And this is what makes these series unique. Not everyone understands what it takes to be a model. Contrary to the general opinion that it is enough just to get there, it’s not just that. It’s work on yourself, your laziness. It demands to be always on top, even when the whole world collapses around you, your periods has started or tights have torn.

But it’s not only about that we will show in our series. It’s about love and friendship, about how important it is not to be alone in difficult situations and how your loved ones can support you. Those whom you thought you could rely on will betray you for their needs.

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An ordinary country boy, who singing with a guitar at a local bar, falls in love with a girl from a photo on a dating site and, against the wishes of his rich Jewish parents, he flies to Moscow to bring her home. Will he find his true love?

Pitch\Summary: When an ordinary country boy, who sings with a guitar at a local bar, discovers that his former friend has married a beautiful and intelligent Russian girl, he decides to register on a dating site and prove to his friends that he is worth something. Ethan, a middle-aged man, is looking for the perfect woman and falls in love with a photo of a beautiful girl, who writes him cute romantic letters. But when she stops responding, he decides to fly to Moscow to find her and bring her to US. His rich parents, who want Ethan to marry a promising Jewish girl, discourage him, claiming that Ethan has never been outside of California. But Ethan still flies to Moscow and discovers that this world is not that simple as he thought.

Synopsys: Ethan, a romantic country boy who loves to go out with his middle-aged friends and sings on a guitar at a local bar. He is quite happy with his life and does not think about anything else. But his successful parents dream that he took over their jewelry business and married some promising Jewish girl. Eaton never got along with the girls, and friends always laughed at him, but he got an even bigger slap when he saw the new wife of his former friend, the Russian beauty, which he brought to the US.

        Trying to prove to his friends that he is worth something more than just drinking a gallon of beer and pass out, he registers on a dating site, where he meets a young and very beautiful girl. They start chatting, but she suddenly stops responding. Inspired by dreams and "drools", Ethan is going to fly to Moscow. But his parents, Asher and Shira Friedman, try to talk him out, arguing that he never leaves California and has never been in any other country.

        But against all odds, Ethan flies to Moscow. He does not know where she lives and only knows the name of the dating company. Long flight, with some funny incidents and now Ethan in Moscow. At the airport, he asks a passer-by to take a photo of him. A man takes a picture of him and runs off with Eton's phone. Eaton rushes after him, leaving his bags and briefcase with his wallet and passport. Not catching up, he returns to his luggage and found that his luggage has disappeared.

        He turns to the airport police, but they do not want to do anything. Then he was taken to the embassy, but he was expelled because it's closed and the workers decided that he is another bum. Plus, only few people understand him, because he don’t speak Russian. As a result, he finds himself in the market, dirty and in one shoe, where he meets Tigran, an Armenian who speaks English and listens Ethan’s story. Seeing that he had no place to live, Tigran invited Ethan to live for some time in his house.

        Tigran, who owns a small business, lives with his daughter Maria, whose mother died when she was small. Mary is an ordinary black-haired girl, not much younger than Ethan, a little plump, but sweet and nice. She is trying to help Ethan find the girl of his dreams and strongly supports him. In addition, Tigran introduces Ethan to Boris, the owner of a popular restaurant. Tigran offers Boris a deal for Ethan to sing in his restaurant, like an American star and earn money for a return ticket. Boris agrees.

        Ethan is going to sing in a restaurant, but he never did it for foreigners, and he is afraid. Mary, who has already heard his songs, calms him down and says that his music comes not from his talkative mouth, but from his heart. So, it doesn't matter in what language it's sung, everyone will understand it. And Ethan successfully performed that day.

And the longer Ethan searches for a dream girl, the more he feels for Mary. Because she is funny, smart, modest and she likes Ethan too. One evening, they sing together in a restaurant, and both understand that there is not just friendship between them, but something more.

        But there is another problem, Mary is betrothed from birth with Arsen, a rich Armenian businessman. And this custom cannot be broken. When Ethan unexpectedly finds the girl from the photo, she realizes that he achieved what he wanted and, in desperation, decided to marry Arsen.

        Ethan meets Helen, the girl from the photo, and discovers that the letters, touched him, were not written by her at all. And this girl is not the one he dreamed of. The more he thought about it, the more he remembered Mary.

        Ethan drives an old Tigran car to release Mary from Arsen’s house. Crashes into the gate of the house, which he tried to break through, but turned out to be stronger than the car. He climbs over the fence, tears up his pants in an intimate place. Crashes into a tree, hiding from one of the guards and accidentally dropping the statue on the other two. Quite by chance, having committed a bunch of ridiculous acts and defeating half the house, he finds Mary and tries to escape with her from the house. But suddenly they comes face to face with Arsen and several of his thugs.

        Tied up in a chair, so he can't crush the rest of the house, he told his story to Arsen and concluded that you cannot want happiness, you cannot plan or bring it from another country. The Love is an unplanned feeling that come by itself. And whatever Arsen is going to do, he cannot forbid Ethan and Maria to love each other. To which Arsen replied that they should simply ask, and not destroy half the house. This is Moscow, the 21st century, and the time has come to forget about old customs and traditions. Besides, he had already married one bitch who would not let him go.

        In the end, Ethan and Mary together. They ask Boris to get fake passports for Ethan and a visa for Mary. Through his channels, he receives the necessary documents, including documents for Tigran, who wants to protect his "treasury". And they all go to US together.

      In the house of the parents, they are already waiting for the arrival of Ethan and his Russian beauty wife. But everyone freezes when they see him with a ordinary girl. Tigran breaks the silence, explaining that Ethan changed his mind and found his true love, which is meant for him from Heaven. Parents are embarrassed by the replacement, but seeing how happy their son is and that the girl, at least somewhat similar to a Jewish woman, agrees cheerfully.

The film ends with a happy wedding of Ethan and Maria. And Tigran, who kindly agreed to give up his treasure almost for free, settled in his “new” home and is already making plans for the future in America.

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