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Meet The Girl

New shooting schedule in January.

Jan, 2021


"Meet The Girl" released to public.

We finished our festival routes and got many awards. Today, May 1-st - we release our movie to a public on Youtube and Facebook. As expected, everything flow naturally and we now getting views on Youtube and comments.

New filming of the bar scenes is scheduled for January 9-10. Stay tuned, we're almost done with our film. All that remains is to decide what to do with the scenes at the airport.

In The News

May, 2021


Congratulations to all "Meet The Girl" fans. We have crossed 50,000 views for our movie, where %95.2% is from recommended videos on YouTube and only %3.2 from Facebook and other sources.

Meet The Girl shooting is rescheduled.


June, 2021

In Development

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Film type:
Sitcom TV Series

Dennis Ricks

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